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Connecticut Children's Theatre is the place for top quality plays and musicals for students and families! Now these critically acclaimed scripts can be performed by your organization, school, theatre or fund-raising group.

After 25 years of producing and performing original scripts written espescially for young audiences, CCT has now made their most popular plays and musicals available for your organiation! These scripts are perfect for young audiences to professional theatres, amateur/community theaters and schools. CCT is well known for commissioning, writing and creating productions that are topical, contemporary, fantastical, and written by some of the most experienced and knowledgable playwrights working today.

The critically acclaimed bodies of work created by CCT, have a strong reputation for showcasing high quality, innovative styles of theatre. Through its service to the larger children's theatre community,  CCT will is a catalyst to drive the creation of theatre for young people to new heights.

The Amazing Adventures

of Peter Rabbit (musical)

The Elves and the Shoemaker:

A Musical Holiday Fable (musical)

The Little Emmy Inn …

or L'emmy Out! (play)

Pinocchio (musical)

Save Our Scoops! or …

Ice Cream S.O.S. (play)

The Velveteen Rabbit (musical)

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